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Welcome to Prime Hook Birding.

Oyster Rocks

Saltwater marsh viewable from the end of Oyster Rocks Road on the banks of the Broadkill River. Oyster Rocks Road is located east of Delaware Route 1 about 3 miles south of Route 16.

Broadkill Road

Freshwater marsh north of Broadkill Road, and a freshwater pond on the southern side.

Headquarters Area

Pine/hardwood forest and grasslands along the entrance road to the headquarter's.

Boardwalk Trail

0.5 mile loop through uplands and freshwater marsh.

Dike Trail

1.0 mile round trip along the top of the Headquarter's Dike through freshwater marsh. An observation tower is present at the end of the trail.

Photo Blind Trail

0.5 mile round trip through uplands ending at a freshwater marsh. A photo blind is present at the end of the trail.

Black Farm Trail

1.75 mile loop through wooded uplands adjacent to agricultural lands, freshwater marsh, and grasslands.

Pine Grove Trail

0.8 mile loop through pine/hardwood forest adjacent to Fleetwood and Turkle Ponds.

Deep Branch Road

Pine/hardwood forest, grasslands and Deep Branch.

State Wildlife Area

Hardwood forest at the end of Little Neck Road, which is located off of Prime Hook Road.

Prime Hook Road

Freshwater marsh on both the northern and southern sides of Prime Hook Road.

Fowler Beach

Freshwater marsh and the Delaware Bay at the end of Fowler Beach Road

Slaughter Beach

Freshwater marsh viewable from Bay Ave at the southern end of Slaugther Beach.

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